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E-Khedut is a portal launched by the government of Gujarat, India to provide online services to farmers in the state. The portal offers various services to farmers such as online registration, farm surveys, and information on government schemes and subsidies. It also provides a platform for farmers to sell their produce and connect with buyers. The main objective of E-Khedut is to improve the agriculture sector in Gujarat by providing farmers with easy access to information and services.

Ikhedut Portal

Now the government is increasing facilities day by day helping to the farmer. because the real hero is Famer without famer, we cannot a live. Recently government organized an event to increase the farmer’s production. During the planning of this event, it was talked about how the farmer get a good price. During the event, the government has been announced a single portal ikhedut and this portal is only for farmers every farmer can visit and get real information about the latest government schemes.

The government provided mobile phone facilities to every farmer to make farmers connect with the digital platform. According to the information from the government, 70% of the farmers have taken advantage of Mobile. The Portal is open for all everyone can visit at ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in But many farmers have a query. Those people know about the website but have no idea what to do to win the ikhedut portal. so, don’t worry today I will explain to you the interface of the portal.

ikhedut portal
                                                                                Ikhedut portal

How to check ikhedut live yojana?

Now the government uploads all information related to the farmer through the ikhedut portal so that if you want to check any information yourself now you can also see it. If any yojana has been announced by the government, you will find that information on this portal in shortly. main advantage of this portal is that you will get the money directly in your bank account and Many time wrong information is also circulated regarding the government scheme so you can immediately check this official website of inkhedut. go to official website and click on the Yojana option.


After clicking on the yojana option, you can see the list of yojanas. You will be able to avail of the scheme only as long as it is visible to you on the portal. You will not be able to avail the benefits of the yojana after completion.

How to apply for the Latest without a yojana?

Once you check all yojana that is continued at this time. check the yojana which yojana is related to your criteria and click on it. You can see the scheme of all categories there.

  • Farmer Yojana
  • Margha Palan Yojana
  • Pashupalan Yojana
  • Matsya Palan Yojana
  • Gujarat Agro Industry

More than that many other schemes are presented across the ikhedut portal. you can see the total number of yojana available for the special categories. There is proper detail and criteria are mention for any particular schemes on the ikhedut portal.  if you are interested to watch the whole yojana click on the side option. I shut is a lifeline for farmers and it helps them to do this framing business. There are many numbers of farmers’ schemes running live on this portal. Just check out the inherit portal once, Click on the interesting scheme and then check out the eligibility criteria for that scheme. After verifying all the data and getting full details about the scheme, If you find this scheme is suited for you and help you in your business then apply for that particular scheme. After a few verification of your documents and data, you will be enrolled in that scheme.

How to check to ikhedut application status?

after applying to ikhedut many peoples don’t know how to check the application status. then they can’t track submitted applications. I will teach you how to check your application status.

  • First go to the application status.
  • Fill up Application No.
  • Enter your mobile no. which you enter in your application
  • Enter captcha
  • Check application status


  • How to Find Government scheme for gujarat farmer? 

there are lots of ways to find gujarat government scheme like social media, whatsapp, but if you want to know official and fast information about khedut you can visit regularly ikhedut portal.

  • How to find farming information online? 

by ikhedut portal you can find krishi marg darshan. they will help to every khedut to do better farming.

  • How to find daily market price for farmer?

go to ikhedut portal and click on bajar bhav you can see desktop like this. click one your destiny what you want.

By these steps, you may check the application status of your scheme. If for any reason your application is rejected, then you may talk to the tall free helpline number of the portal. The person from the support team will give all details and reasons for rejecting the application. Also, you may ask any other queries or doubt to the helpline. so, for any scheme related information just visit the site, checkout all details and if applicable to your needs, then apply for it.

I hope I covered all your doubts and information about the ikhedut portal. but still, if you have any questions then comment down, I will help you to solve your query. For more updates click on Education.

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