Latest IGNOU Assignment 2022 For All UG, PG, Courses

IGNOU offers a number of programs to the students and finally, after a long wait, it has released the IGNOU Assignments for the various courses it offers. They are these various IGNOU Solved Assignment free download options available which gives the students to check the assignment questions and get a hang about how to go about it.

IGNOU Assignment 2022

Students of today’s generation are way clearer and focus than they were earlier. The students clearly know what they want and how they want and know all the ways to achieve it. To achieve their dreams and goals, they work extremely hard day and night. IGNOU as a university provides these students, a tremendous amount of support and helps to help the students perform better and score better.

Students do not take the assignments very seriously and majorly focus on the theory and practical examinations. However, Assignment is equally important and carry a good amount of weight. The Assignment marks are definitely important and everyone should student should take It very seriously.

Important Instruction For IGNOU Assignment Submission

  1. It is mandatory for the students to write the assignment in proper and neat handwriting which needs to be legible.
  2. If the checker is not able to read what is written, he or she has full authorities to cancel the assignment. No checker will spend hours to try and understand what is written. It is always advised to the students to write their assignments properly and make them look as presentable as possible.
  3. Students need to follow a prescribed format: IGNOU has a strict format which every student needs to keep in mind while making an Assignment. No study can blindly follow any format. To maintain the uniformity and a standard of the assignments, the students need to follow the format.
  4. Also, the students should note that plagiarism is strictly prohibited and the university is very strict about it. So for the same reason, the students are now allowed to copy at all.
  5. Stipulated Time Frame: IGNOU is very strict about the deadlines. Nor do they delay in releasing the Assignment Results nor do they expect their students to delay in the submission for the assignments.

Students should note that if they fail to submit the assignment on time and as per all the rules and regulations, then the student will be declared as fail in Exam Result and won’t be allowed to the Revaluation or Re-checking under any circumstances.

Step By Step Guide To Download IGNOU Solved Assignment

IGNOU has a few steps and procedures which the student needs to follow to be eligible to get the marks and sit for the term end exam. Once the student has submitted the assignments, the student is then eligible to apply and down the assignments.

Here are a few steps which a student needs to take to download the assignment, which is extremely simple and hassle-free:

  1. The student needs to visit the official website of IGNOU which is
  2. Once the student has opened the official website, the next he or she will see a web page where there will be a download option of assignment, the students need to click on ‘Assignments’.
  3. Once the student clicks on the assignment, the assignment page will open, which will have a number of programs. The students’ needs to click on his or her course which they are pursuing.
  4. Once the candidate has clicked on that, all the assignments of that particular course will open in a new page.
  5. The last step is to download the assignment and save or print it for future reference.

The students should note that all the important information related to the assignment. will only come on the official website and not on other random websites.

Process To Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Result, Merit List Details

If the student by any chance wants to check the Assignment Status of the course he or she is pursuing, then the student needs to follow these simple and hassle-free steps:

  1. The student needs to click on only the official website of IGNOU, which is:
  2. The following page will open once the student clicks on the official website: Assignment/Project/Practical Submission Status/ Checking page.
  3. The student next needs to enter the enrolment number which is of the 09 digits. This is an exclusive number which is provided to all the students.
  4. Once the student has filled in the enrolment number, the next step for the student is to click on OK and Submit.
  5. On clicking submit, the student will be able to see the status of the assignment.


Students should in no chance take the IGNOU Assignments lightly. Students generally tend to focus only on the theory and practical exams and forget to pay attention to the assignments, which play an important role. These assignments carry a good amount of weight of marks. Each question in the assignment carries marks and needs to be written properly and thoroughly in an A4 size sheet. These assignment marks are then at the end added to the final marks of the exams.

Official Website:

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