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How To Correct Or Update Your Aadhar Card From SSUP ?

If you find any mistake or lack of information in your aadhar card then here we are providing the simple guide to update your aadhar card information using SSUP (Self Service Update Portal). The fact that aadhar card has risen to become such an important document, it is very important that you always keep it updated. Like for instance if there is any spelling mistake then, you need to get it updated as soon as possible. You can get your aadhar card updated following both online and offline procedures. In case, you do not have any of the methods, the details have been disclosed to you in the following write-up so that you can use it for your convenience.

List of Supporting Documents To Update Aadhar Card Online Through SSUP Portal

These Are the must needed documents To Update aadhar card online using ssup portal.  This List is also available on

The Supporting Proof of Address Documents, Proof of Date Of Birth, Proof Of Identity that can be uploaded through SSUP portal has been listed below. Any original document from this list is accepted as a supporting document by the UIDAI.

  • Government or PSU issued Photo ID Cards
  • Electricity bill (Not older than 3 months)
  • Gas Connection Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement / Passbook
  • Ration card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead
  • Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead

If Someone submits false documents which is not relevant to the online application then the request of updating aadhar card will be declined by the SSUP UIDAI.

The Documents you are uploading must be self signed / self attested.

After successfully submission of ssup update request you could check the aadhar card updating status on ssup portal online.

Instructions To update Your Aadhar Card Through SSUP Self Service Portal

The Procedure to issue new aadhar card was started in full of hurry so the aadhar card cetnters

Central Government initiated SSUP Aadhar Self Service Update Portal for these Services and providing Citizens to update their Aadhaar details with the help of this SSUP Update portal.

After Submitting the request you can be able to check the SSUP status from the SSUP portal itself – Aadhar card status enquiry.

Any resident in India holding an Aadhaar card can update their Address details using this SSUP portal. All you need to follow the below instructions during the Self Service Updating procedure.

  • Aadhar Card Must be linked with mobile number for the OTP (One time password).
  • In this ssup self service portal you need to fill the details in english and in your native language also.
  • You have to update address and provide the document of new address while updating aadhar card online.
  • Obviously Aadhar card with updated address will be delivered to the new address..

Now the below instructions are meant to follow while filling in the application form in the SSUP  portal.

All of these instructions must be followed if you don’t want to get your application rejected by the Aadhaar self service update portal.

  • Should submit the relevant Documents even if you want to update only c/o details in Aadhaar.
  • Upload recent and original scanned copies of Address proof documents.
  • These documents are listed in below in this article itself.
  • Review the data you have entered in your application.
  • Review if any mistakes involved in English or in your local language.


Aadhar Card Correction Online Methods on

There are three different ways through which you can get your aadhar card correction. You can either get it updated online for which you only need a computer and an internet connection. In case you are not very comfortable with the online process, you can always go back to the old process of doing it offline. However, there are two offline ways of updating your aadhar card details. The first is getting it done via post and the second is by visiting the nearby aadhar card enrolment center. The steps to all the three procedures are provided below.

Aadhar Card Correction Online :

The facility of online correction or updating of aadhar card is available only for those individuals who have their mobile number registered with aadhar. That’s because the online transactions regarding the aadhar card correction of are OTP authenticated, therefore, registering your mobile number with aadhar is mandatory.

Through the online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) you can update or correct your demographic details such as name, address, gender, DOB, email id and mobile o your aadhar card. In order to do so, you need to follow the steps outlined for you below.

  • The first thing you need to do is log in to the official website of the UIDAI : (Link)
  • Next, go to the column ‘Update Aadhar Details’ and click on the option ‘Update Aadhar Detail Online.’
  • You will be directed to a new page where will be required to enter your aadhar card number in the box.
  • Once you are done with the above mentioned step, you will receive One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. Login to your Aadhar account using this OTP.
  • You will again get directed to a new page which is the ‘Data Request page.’ Here you have to select the fields that you want to correct or update.
  • Fill in the required details but make sure that you do not make any mistake as it will get reflected on your aadhar card.
  • Once you are done filling up the form, submit it. A URN will be produced after you have submitted the form. Keep this URN safe because you will need it in the future to inquire about your aadhar card correction request.
  • In order to complete the process successfully, you are required to upload self-attested copies validating the information you requested to be updated.
  • For future use, it is advisable that you download a copy of the correction verification.

Offline Methods to Update Aadhar Card Information !

Update Aadhar Card Correction via Post

In order to update or correct your aadhar card details via post, you will have first to download the details correction/update form online Self service Potral Website. In case if, you do not know where or how to download the mentioned from then, follow the steps given below.

  • First head to the official website of UIDAI which is Now, download the details correction form from this website and take a print out of it.
  • Next, you have to fill in the required details on the form. All the details in the form should be filled in only in capital letters. Also, make sure that the mobile number you have provided is a working one.
  • Once you are done filling the form, check it thoroughly so that there’s no mistake.
  • Irrespective of whatever information you want to get updated, you will have to submit self-attested photocopies of that particular document on ssup update portal.
  • On each of the document that you are submitting mention the 12 digit aadhar card number that has been issued to you by the UIDAI.
  • Now, put all the relevant documents along with the filled up form in an envelope and seal it nicely with glue. Mention in clear letters ‘Aadhar Update/Correction’ on the top of the sealed envelope. Make sure your writing is readable.
  • Once you are done with all the above mentioned steps, all you have to do is post the envelope to the UIDAI office.


Aadhar Card Correction via Offline Enrollment Center

The advantage of updating your aadhar card via an enrollment center is that you can get both your demographics and biometrics updated. While your demographics details include your name, gender, DOB, etc, biometrics includes your Fingerprints, photograph, and iris. In order to get it done, all you have to do is follow the instructions listed below:

  • Go to a nearby aadhar card enrolment center along with the filled up details correction form.
  • Make sure that you are carrying all the original documents because it will be required to complete the process.
  • Submit the filled up form to the UIDAI registrar for verification. Once verified, the registrar will manually enter the details in the software.
  • If you have requested for a biometric update then, that will be done by the present registrar.
  • All the information provided by the resident will then, be verified and validated by the supervisor and operator present in the center.
  • Once all this is done, you will be provided with an acknowledgment slip with the Update Request Number (URN) number in order for you to track the status of your request.

Now that you know, all the methods of getting your aadhar card updated, you can choose whichever method suits you the best. If you feel that your aadhar card needs to be updated, you shouldn’t be keeping it on hold as aadhar card is the most important documents to have, nowadays.

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